200-Inch Glasses-Free 3D Screen

200 Inch Glasses Free 3D

200 Inch Glasses Free 3D

Just to add fuel to the fire we lit with, “Which 3DTV Format Will Win“, the Japanese National Institute of Information and Communications Technology have developed the world’s first 200-inch glasses-free 3D display which allows multiple viewers to see large and impressive high definition 3D images without special glasses.

Before you get your hopes up, it has to be said that like the Wizard of Oz, there are multiple projectors lined up behind the screen firing images at different angles so that 50 parralax images can be displayed on the screen. They don’t explicitly say, but judging from the diagrams in the press release, it seems that about 50 projectors must have been used!

So… impressive technological achievement? Yes.

Expensive enough that only high-end advertising campaigns in luxury locations will be able to use it? Almost certainly. For now. :)

To be fair, they do say in the press release that applications are…

…for industrial applications such as design, public viewings, digital signage, and showroom displays

Still, the future is coming!

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