3D Blu-Ray Monsters Vs Aliens UK

3D Blu-Ray Monsters Vs Aliens UKYou want the good news? Ok… we know the British release date for Monsters Vs Aliens on Blu-Ray 3D… and it’s very, very soon… like March 2010!

I’m guessing you want the bad news? Aww, ok… the bad news is that to get your hands on the Blu-Ray 3D of Monsters Vs Aliens, you’ll have to buy a telly! Specifically, you’ll have to buy a Samsung TV or Blu-ray player. Unfortunately, the review of the Samsung 40C7000 3DTV wasn’t particularly complimentary, and even said it would still be a good telly if you left the 3D glasses to gather dust, which kinda misses the point if you ask me!

Samsung has other LED HDTV’s, the C8000’s and C79000’s (which go up to 63 inches) as well as non-LED LCD’s (its 750 series, which go up to 65 inches!) and a plasma range, the PDP7000 TV’s. The 3D models will most likely all require the active shutter glasses so as to cope with 1080p resolution in 3D.

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