3D Crazy Quote By Nintendo Boss

According to a press release from Associate Press, the boss of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, said…

Iwata also doesn’t expect 3D video-gaming to catch on, although he welcomed 3D movies at theaters like James Cameron’s hit ”Avatar.”

I have doubts whether people will be wearing glasses to play games at home. How is that going to look to other people?” he said at a Tokyo hotel.

OK, so what planet is this guy on?

Seriously. I can only think he was mis-quoted, because gamers are likely to drive forward the adoption of 3D. Immersion into the game you’re playing is massively important, and 3D adds greatly to the current level of immersion. As for the comment about how it’s going to look to other people, who cares? Most of the time games are played solo, and if they’re not, each person will be wearing 3D glasses and immersed in the game. So the point is totally irrelevant unless he’s thinking about what Granny, sitting on the settee will think…?

Judging from some of the Amazon customer comments about Nvidia’s 3D kit for PC’s, Nintendo may be missing a 3D trick…

‘Wow ! They work !’

That was my initial ‘shock’ response as the drivers finished installing and I was treated to a fully 3D, out of the screen, Nvidia Logo; spinning around in front of my eyes !

This piece of kit is totally amazing and I have spent hours playing with games that have gathered dust for eons on my shelf to see them in glorious 3D.

RTS games look the business, as you stare at little 3D toy soldiers running around in front of your screen! Left 4 Dead is already a top game BUT try it in FREAKIN’ 3D and you can never go back to 2D again. I can only assume I am the first reviewer for these glasses as all the other owners haven’t been able to unplug themselves from their 3D games machines for a single second. Everyone I have demonstrated these to have had the same JAW-DROP response as I did. ‘WOW’.

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