3D Football On Sky – A Roundup

Sky broadcast the first ever 3D showing of a live sporting event to a public audience yesterday. We followed the live 3D footy action via tweets from the Twitter stream, but how did the main newspapers write-up the event?

Here’s a selection of stories…

From the Daily Mail Future’s so bright we need shades – Sportsmail enjoys Arsenal v Manchester United in groundbreaking 3D broadcast

I have seen the future of televised football – and it’s stunning. TV entered a new era yesterday with the world’s first live sports 3D broadcast.

3D TV was not the main event. The football remained the focus. The technology increases your feeling of involvement in the action.

Watching football has changed profoundly, with the experience no longer the passive act of watching a series of moving pictures.

Also from the Daily Mail… Fans hail first 3D broadcast of a football match as better than being in the stadium

They go on to quote different fans…

Paul Kelly, 45, from London, said: ‘The 3D looks great close up but on the wide shots it flattens out. It’s definitely an enhancement. I go to watch a lot of games live and in some way this is better, but it really depends where you are in the stadium.’

David Wubelski, 71, from London, said: ‘I’ve been watching Arsenal for 60 years and went to a game four weeks ago and this is better – the close-ups are fantastic but the wide angle is not quite so impressive. Wearing the glasses is fine, you don’t even notice it. I don’t normally go to a pub to watch a game but I’d consider it if it was being shown in 3D.’

Laura Prylls, 25, from London said: ‘I wear glasses anyway so I’ve just worn the 3D specs over the top and it’s fine, it’s not uncomfortable. The atmosphere is really good, I don’t normally go to the pub for football but there’s a whole group of us here and everyone’s really excited. I’d definitely watch another game in 3D – it’s the future. I think it would be an improvement if there were a few more cameras around the pitch lower down.’

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