3D TV Burning Questions

3D TV Questions

3D TV Questions

Have you got any burning 3D TV questions that you’d like answered?

No matter how obscure, post a comment below with your question and we’ll try to find someone to answer it and add it to our 3D TV FAQ.

Oh, and perhaps you can answer my burning 3DTV questions, which are…

1: Why can’t you get Mitsubishi rear-projection DLP 3DTV’s in the UK? Apparently Mitsubishi pulled out of the UK TV market about 10 years ago, but why? Having the greatest selection of 3DTV’s to choose from only makes sense, especially as they’ve just announced that they’ll showcase a 92-inch 3D TV (DLP) at CES Las Vegas in 2011 to go with the 60, 65, 73 and 82-inch versions! (source: press release, 4th Jan, Mitsubishi USA)

2: Why are audio/video companies falling over themselves to offer “3D Ready” kit like speakers and amplifiers? What do audio components have to do with 3D visuals? Am I missing something?

Got any more questions? Got any answers? Post your comment below…

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2 Responses to 3D TV Burning Questions

  1. Rob Munday says:

    Many people with a 3D TV will want to take previously shot stereoscopic images (stereo pairs of photographs) and display them on their 3DTV via computer or USB. Which 3D TV’s however enable a user to do this i.e. show a specially prepared ‘side-side’ or up’-down’ stereo image. The only one I know of is the LG. I also know that the Sony, Panasonic and Sanyo TV’s cannot do this although the Sanyo will oddly play user made 3D movies. Is the LG the only one? The chief engineer at Sanyo told me that he thought it ridiculous himself that the Sanyo system couldn’t do it however it is only an issue of firmware and so perhaps in the future they will all be able to.

  2. Neil says:

    I was always a mitsubishi tv fan, but i feel samsung has topped them with led dlp’s in the 61″to 73″ range that are 3d ready, the dlp is rather unique with very vivid colors on a none reflective screen, and no screen burn in for still graphics, any way i am not sure they make them anymore. these 3d ready tv’s require a dlp emitter called vessa that transmitts signal to the shutter glasses at one frequency, while nvidia’s 3d tv transmitts at another , therefore making the receivers in the glasses incompatible ,haven’t tested samsungs 3dtv as yet , a lot to standardized in 3d ,hope can locate a dlp but am sure you rather not have to provide lamps after several thousand hours try the led dlp for longer operation.

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