3D TV Without Glasses At CES 2010

The Chinese TV manufacturer, TCL (The Creative Life) who manufacture products for some of the leading consumer brands including Samsung, Sony and Toshiba, was at CES 2010 in Las Vegas showcasing their autostereoscopic (“no-glasses-required”) 3D TV display, developed in partnership with Alioscopy. The AVForum guys managed to grab a quick interview with them…

TCL and Philips seems to be pioneering the production of autostereoscopic (“no-glasses-required”) 3D TV displays using lenticular lenses, but as the man from TCL says in the video, they are no ready for the consumer market yet and are mainly marketed to the commercial sector. It seems that the 3D TV’s requiring glasses will be a stepping stone to what consumers really want, 3D TV’s without glasses, which are still several years away.

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