3DTV Clearance And Outlet Bargains

3DTV Clearance Deals

3DTV Clearance Deals

One way to potentially get a 3DTV bargain is to look at the outlet shops of major online retailers.

Did you know that Tesco are on eBay with outlet and clearance bargains? There’s also Comet with their own website for refurbished, unboxed, new and return products, and Argos has a section of their website for clearance items.

Of course, you need to be a little bit careful… the furious rate of cost cutting for new electrical goods such as 3D TV’s means that by the time a product is sold, shipped, returned to the retailer and listed as “clearance”, the current price of the product may be the same or cheaper than an auction listing price. Be sure to compare the current price along with any promotional offers such as shipping, 3D starter kits, cables, 3D glasses etc with the “clearance” price. You want to be sure you’re really getting a bargain!

ebay tesco outlet

ebay tesco outlet

At ebay, Tesco currently has 60 different products from Samsung alone, so there’s a decent amount of choice. Although, at the moment, all but one are “buy it now” auctions where you simply buy it or don’t. Some products are also “refurbished”, meaning…

Refurbished items are customer returns. A large proportion of these items have never been used. They might for example, be unwanted gifts or products where customers have simply changed their mind which have then been returned to us.

They have been checked, inspected, repaired (if necessary), graded and reboxed (if necessary) complete with all accessories. They may have minor cosmetic marks that do not affect or hinder the functionailty in any way. All refurbished items will be clearly marked in the description. In some cases the item will still be in the original retail packaging which may be damaged, marked or scuffed.

These items offer excellent value for money along with the reassurance that they are supported by a full 12 month Tesco Outlet warranty.

Still, if you’re looking for a bargain, the clearance websites of recognised retailers are a good place to start. Soon more 3DTV’s will start appearing as ever-greater numbers are sold and they become more common.

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