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3dtv ghost There’s a lot of discussion and gnashing of teeth about crosstalk happening on some 3DTV sets at the moment. Crosstalk is one of the technical teething issues for 3DTV that all new technology seems to go through.

What Is 3DTV Crosstalk And Where Does Crosstalk Come From?

Basically, 3DTV in the home environment use LCD panels for the active shutter glasses (unlike the polarised glasses used in the cinema). When the LCD glasses are synchronised with an emitter inside the TV, they alternately darken one eye then the other so that each eye rapidly sees sequential images. When the LCD glasses aren’t in perfect synch with the 3DTV, one eye can see part of the image which should’ve been seen only by the other eye. This situation, where right- and left- images “overlap” gives rise to “ghosting” where the composite 3D image is not perfect.

Why Is Crosstalk A Big Deal?

Well, to be blunt, it causes a less-than-pefect 3D image which can spoil your enjoyment of the 3D experience, but, more problematic is the fact that the “trick” to fool your brain into thinking you’re seeing a 3D image fails which can give rise to eye strain. In the worst circumstances, you may not want to watch your 3DTV anymore!

What’s Being Done To Counter Crosstalk/Ghosting?

Toshbia have already announced improved 3D glasses, with faster refresh times. As the refresh rate on 3DTV’s improves (120Hz was thought to me a minimum, but sets already have 200Hz chips and the refresh rate will almost certainly increase), the refresh rate of the LCD glasses will also increase and the problem of crosstalk/ghosting will probably be resolved.

Does Plasma Or LCD Avoid Crosstalk/Ghosting?

At the moment it seems like plasma 3DTV’s have less cross-talk than LCD/LED. I’m not sure if this is due to the refresh rate or something else that makes plasma superior when displaying 3D images.

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  1. Andrew Woods says:

    The following paper “Understanding Crosstalk in Stereoscopic Displays” presents a review of all aspects about crosstalk and was presented at 3DSA2010 in Japan in May. The paper is available as a free download from http://www.3d.curtin.edu.au.

  2. 3DTV Admin says:

    Great 3D info there, Andrew, thanks.

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