3DTV In Non-Story Shock!

3dtv shock A new study printed in the Telegraph, polled 4,199 Brits and found that just 89 were “likely” to buy a 3DTV in the next 12 months.

OK. So… in a recession, with people worried about their jobs and high inflation eating into their wages, they’re not likely to buy a shiny new 3DTV? wow.

When you break it down, this section is interesting…

Those aged between 25 and 34 were the most likely to say they were planning to buy a set, with five per cent saying they would invest in a set over the next 12 months

So, isn’t that good news for the 3DTV manufacturers? One in twenty of people aged 23-34 polled were likely to buy a 3DTV? Aren’t they likely to be the early adopters?

Also, this seems positive…

Last month John Lewis revealed that 15 per cent of all TVs over 40in sold in their stores are 3D TVs

3D TVs have been selling very well at Comet since their launch, with the biggest spike in May, which we can attribute to the World Cup.

Here’s what I posted in the comments section…

People will get 3DTV’s when…

1: 3DTV’s become cheaper (I’ve seen a 40-inch samsung for under £800)

2: There’s more 3D content (Sky 3D channel kicks off soon… 3D games are appearing, 3D Blu Ray movies)

3: The teething issues (ghosting) are ironed out

4: More and more TV’s are released as 3D ready. (soon 3D will be a standard feature… it doesn’t add much to the price of a telly)

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