3DTV Pricing Becoming Clearer

catwalk photo One of the most common questions about 3DTV’s is the price. Will “early adopters” be happy to grab one while the rest of us suffer “sticker shock”, or will there only be a slight premium over current top-end telly prices? Opinion is polarised (geddit? lol)

So, Panasonic in Japan announced the prices for their 3D Viera plasma TV set (The VIERA TH-P54VT, clocking in at 54 inches) which requires 3D active shutter glasses. The 3D Panny will go on sale at $5,900 in Japan in April. So, expensive, huh? Yep, that’s £3,700 at current exchange rates. Although, if you compare non-3D new Viera Panny’s to the 3D-enabled one, you see only an extra $800 in the price… which is about £500. So there’s a premium, but it’s only about 10-15% of the price.

Not to be outdone, a company in the USA is taking pre-orders on the Samsung 3D LED LCD HDTV’s (UN40C7000, UN46C7000, UN55C7000) with pricing starting at $1,799.98 (roughly £1,100) for the 40-inch model which features 240Hz Clear Motion technology, Internet@TV, DLNA and the new Samsung App platform. You’ll have to pay more for each set of glasses you want, though.

No word on pricing in Britain yet, but it seems like tacking on 10-15% for the 3D feature will see you in the right ballpark.

UPDATE: The 40-inch Samsung 40C7000 is now available to order at John Lewis as the Samsung UE40C7000 3D TV.

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