3DTV Reviewed At Sound And Vision 2010 Bristol

AVforums were at the Sound and Vision 2010 show in Bristol where LG had their LD920 on display. We now know that the LD920 will not be sold to the general public, but it was very interesting to hear people’s reactions to watching 3DTV.

Reactions to the 3DTV included, “amazing”, “very impressed”, “seriously good”, “mind blowing”, “special” and “fanastic”.

Reactions to the pricing were, “no different to a high end TV of that size”, “not expensive” and “cheap compared to the £3,000 spent on an 50-inch TV 3 years ago”.

Reactions to wearing the 3D glasses were, “I don’t have an issue with it” and “could definitely watch a full film”.

Here’s the movie…

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