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Welcome to 3DTV Reviewer!

At this blog we’re keeping a close eye on the fast-developing 3D TV scene in the UK.

It seems  that in almost no time the 3DTV scene has moved from the land of fantasy to reality, with the imminent arrival of 3DTV sets later this year from the likes of Sony, Samsung and LG. Here in the UK it seems like the first broadcaster to adopt 3DTV is Sky, who will be rolling out their 3D service through their HD Sky boxes.  It’s an exciting time to be a 3D TV enthusiast, that’s for sure!

Feel free to browse the blog. We are rapidly expanding the content to look at what is 3DTV, how does it work, where and when can you get 3DTV, how much does it cost and which are the best options for the ultimate 3DTV experience in your own home?

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