Advertising Options

General Statistics went online in January 2010. Since then we’ve experienced explosive growth due to the popularity of the 3D market and the fact that we specialise in it. In May 2010 we received over 13,000 visits, according to Google Analytics, of which 64% were from the UK. At Alexa we are ranked as one of the 100,000 most-visited sites in the UK.

Available Advertising

We do not believe in cluttering up blogs with advertising. We therefore have limited the advertising space to just the following options…

125 x 125 Banner Ads

Currently at we are accepting ads for our 125 x 125 Banner Ads. These are banners which appear in the sidebar of all blog posts and pages. Banners do not currently appear in the forum. There are six spots available, at £99 per month. For your convenience, billing will recur monthly unless cancelled. We will process your order within one business day and contact you via email for your banner and URL. Please create a subscription here…


We reserve the right to decline any advertiser for any reason with no notice. We will refund your payment if we decide not to accept your advert. Advertising unsuitable for a general audience will be accepted. The link to your website from ours will be “nofollowed” to avoid advertisers buying for the purposes of gaining PageRank.