Anyone Else Hate The 3D Blu-Ray Exclusive Tie-Ins?

What on Earth is going on in the minds of 3DTV manufacturer’s? Have Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG and the likes had a collective “marketing brain” meltdown?

If they want 3D to succeed in the home, they all need to be pushing in the same direction. Now they’ve fallen to in-fighting, just like the old VHS/Betamax and Blu-Ray/HD-DVD days. Remember those fights, guys? They weren’t pretty!

So let’s look at the exclusive movie tie-ins the manufacturers are trying to tempt us into buying their 3DTV’s with…

Blu Ray 3D Exclusive Tie-Ins

Samsung Exclusive Tie-In with Dreamworks: “Monsters Vs Aliens”, “How To Train Your Dragon” and “Shrek 4” Blu Ray 3D.

Sony Exclusive Tie-In with Disney Home Entertainment: “Alice in Wonderland” and/or “Bolt” with selected Bravia 3DTV’s.

Panasonic Exclusive Tie-In with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment: “Coraline” and “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” with selected Viera 3DTV’s… oh, and Avatar on 3D Blu-Ray in December 2010 (NICE! I bet that exclusive cost a pretty penny!) (we predicted back in January that by the year end we’d see Avatar on Blu Ray 3D but we didn’t predict the part of, “Only with a Panasonic!”)

LG Exclusive Tie-In: err, a link with Sky? Does this show that LG are doing the right thing and staying out of the exclusive licensing of Blu Ray 3D content?

Mail-In Rebates?

Now, I think this is a bad idea in general, from the viewpoint of getting 3D uptake to increase, but why aren’t these disks with the 3DTV’s when you buy them? Most are “mail in rebates” with delivery times of “8-14 weeks”. So you’ve got a state-of-the-art 3DTV in your house with next to nothing to watch for 8-14 weeks? Wow.

Retail Blu Ray 3D

Retail releases of Blu Ray 3D so far include “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” and “Monster House” by Sony and, err, “Disney’s A Christmas Carol” shouldn’t be too far away… and “Toy Story 3” in 3D is also rumoured… ahem. The current 3D movie tie-ins are for a limited time, but no-one seems to know how long they’re going to last. Presumably it has to be long enough to keep the licencee happy which would probably be a few months at least.

It looks like the current best bet for content is a PS3 for 3D games from the Playstation Network and the Sky 3D channel which launches next month (woohoo the Ryder Cup) along with any Blu Ray 3D disks you can scrounge. :)

Perhaps the exclusive tie-ins were always going to happen, given the lack of content. It makes sense that manufacturers would fight over it, but I think it’s annoying and counter-productive for 3D adoption. What do you think? Post a comment below…

(note: these tie-ins may be geo-specific. I haven’t verified them for the UK)

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One Response to Anyone Else Hate The 3D Blu-Ray Exclusive Tie-Ins?

  1. Madferret says:

    This is killing the uptake on 3d blu ray. I was an early adopter and now find that because I purchased my TV to soon i will not get the likes of Avatar until its on general release.
    Not saying its right but the only way to get hold of a 3d DVD is either by torrent or pay extortionate rates on eBay. Make them available an I WILL BUY! The only good thing is that sky 3d for home starts on the 1st October.

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