Astronaut Takes 3D Space Pics With Old Tech

ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli

ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli

Astronaut Paolo Nespoli (twitter account), working for the European Space Agency on the International Space Station has taken some “3D” photos of himself and other astronauts. I haven’t included the photos in this blog post because they’re “All Rights Reserved” on his Flickr account and on the Daily Mail and Telegraph sites they credit a news agency, who most definitely won’t want me reprinting them without paying.

Sidenote: NASA’s images are reproducible with attribution because they’re paid for by the US government. ESA images, like the one on the left, are also reproducible with attribution. So why, then, can an astronaut working for the European Space Agency restrict copyright and presumably sell to press agencies images taken on board the ISS while working for the ESA? Do taxpayers not pay for his job and own his output?

Anyway, the images aren’t exactly high tech. They’re in the old anaglyph style and are best viewed using the disposable red/blue glasses!

photo: ESA

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