Avatar Game In 3D On PS3, XBox, PC-DVD

Now that 3DTV’s are becoming available, we’re not limited to 3D gaming using Nvidia’s 3D Vision solution and a PC monitor because PS3’s and XBox360’s can be connected to 3DTV’s, so perhaps it’s time to look again at Avatar The Game from Ubisoft, which can be played in 3D on PS3, XBox and Windows-DVD.

Regarding the game, Amazon say…

Immerse yourself in James Cameron’s world. – Peer deep into the heart of Pandora and see James Cameron’s universe, from your own perspective.
Engage in a massive conflict between two worlds. – Fight for you cause – RDA or Na’vi. Customize more than 60 RDA and Na’vi weapons, combined. Choose your skills: 20 for each clan. Drive all of the vehicles and ride the animals. Expand the battleground in online multiplayer. Develop your character and acquire new skills – Create your very own character and acquire skills as you progress through the game.

Regarding the tech specs, Ubisoft say…

1. Do I need to buy a special version of the game in order to play in 3D?

Absolutely not! Any Avatar: The Game DVD or Blu-Ray is capable of displaying the game on either traditional or 3D-enabled screens. Toggling between traditional and stereoscopic 3D is performed through the Options Screen accessed directly from the Main Menu.

2. Do I need a special TV or computer monitor to play the game in 3D?

Yes. Avatar: The Game has the option of outputting in most standard stereoscopic 3D formats, but a TV or monitor that is “3D-enabled” is necessary to decode and display the game in stereoscopic 3D.

3. What stereoscopic 3D signal formats is the game compatible with?

Avatar: The Game is able to output most 3D signal formats from your Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, including: RealD, Sensio, side-by-side, line-interlaced, and full checkerboard. On the PC version, Avatar: The Game supports all of the previous formats plus the NVIDIA® 3D Vision™, iZ3D and dual head formats.

4. What type of 3D glasses do I need to play the game in 3D?

Since the type of glasses needed to view content in stereoscopic 3D changes depending on the television or computer monitor being used, make sure to check with your hardware manufacturer to determine the right set of glasses to match the TV or monitor you have at home. This is also the reason why 3D glasses are not being bundled with any version of the game.

5. Does my Xbox 360 have to be equipped with an HDMI output in order to play in stereoscopic 3D?

Not necessarily. Displaying the game in stereoscopic 3D depends mostly on the input requirements of your television or computer monitor (hardware). That being said, most of the 3D-enabled televisions tested during production required the use of an HDMI input in order to display any content in stereoscopic 3D.

6. What 3D-enabled TVs are currently on the market? …and are they compatible?

Although we are unable to provide an exhaustive list of all 3D-enabled television hardware that are compatible with the game, here is a sample list of 3D-enabled TVs that can display the game in stereoscopic 3D:

3D-Enabled TVs (*tested during development):

– Mitsubishi: WD-57833, WD-65833, WD-73833, WD-60737, WD-65837, WD-82737, WD-60735*, WD-65735, WD-65736, WD-73735, WD-73736, WD-65737, WD-73737, WD-82737, WD-73837, WD-82837, WD-65835, WD-73835, L65-A90.
– Samsung: HL-T5076S*, HL-T5087S, HL-T7288W, HL-T6189S, HL-61A750, HL-72A650, HL-T5089S, HL-T5676S, HL-T5687S, HL-T5689S, HL-T6176S, HL-T6187S, HL61A750, HL67A750, HL50A650, HL56A650, HL61A650, HL72A650.
– Hyundai: S465D*.
– JVC: 463D10*.

3D-Enabled PC Monitors (for use with PC version only; *tested during development):

– All NVIDIA® 3D Vision™* supported PC monitors and TVs

– Hyundai: W220S, W240S, P240W, S320D.
– Miracube: G240S, G320S, G460X.
– Zalman ZM-M220W.
– iZ3D*: H22OZ1-G01.

DISCLAIMER: List contents are subject to change. Compatibility is based on similar use of technology, and not an outright guarantee of compatibility. Many of the 3D-enabled technologies emerging on the market within the next few years should be compatible with the game (make sure to verify the signal format), but were not available at launch time.

So, when you get your hands on a shiny new 3DTV, don’t forget, you can play 3D games on it too!

To get your copy of Avatar, The Game, for PS3, PC-DVD or Xbox360 visit Avatar at Amazon

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