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Samsung 3DTV PS50C490

Samsung 3DTV PS50C490

OK, this is getting silly. Comet (and Amazon, and Tesco) are all offering a Samsung 50-inch plasma 3D TV for under £700!

Unlike the LED 3DTV’s which are reported to suffer from cross-talk and flicker, plasmas handle 3D content better because of their higher refresh rates. On this plasma (the PS50C490), the refresh rate is 600Hz which should make the 3D viewing experience rock solid.

So what’s the catch? Well, this 3DTV isn’t “Full HD”. Instead, it’s 720p “HD Ready”. I’m not sure if most people will “see” any significant difference between a Full (1080p) HD set and a 720p set, especially as a lot of HD sources aren’t in 1080p anyway!

When you consider that this time last year the Samsung 40-inch UE40C7000 LED 3DTV launched at £1,799 it’s impressive how cheap 3DTV’s have become. The PS50C490 is a plasma screen that’s 10-inches bigger for £1,100 less! Interestingly, it’s not just a one-time deep discount offer because three of the UK’s leading e-commerce websites are all carrying it at the same price.

Save Money By Comparing The Accessories

samsung 3d starter kit

samsung 3d starter kit

It definitely pays to check the details of what you get when you buy a 3DTV. Sometimes accessories can add a pretty penny which you can “save” by shopping around and seeing if you can get cables, 3D glasses, 3D Blu Ray discs, delivery etc thrown in for free.

On this Samsung PS50C490 plasma…

Comet offer free delivery but no 3D glasses. However, if you use the code 7600 at their website when you checkout you’ll save 7% on orders over £600, which on this £699 3DTV is £49 (coupon expires 10th Feb 2011).

Amazon offer free delivery and one set of 3D glasses.

Tesco offer 1,398 Clubcard points (worth £13.98) and a free Samsung kit worth £149.97 containing 2 pairs of glasses and Monsters versus Aliens 3D blu ray which you have to add to your basket along with the 3DTV to get free (Catalogue number: 209-3268).

Note: Amazon SELL the Samsung 3D starter kit for £129.95 [SS GP 2100], but it’s NOT free when you buy the 3DTV, so this is a valuable freebie from Tesco. I couldn’t find the Samsung 3D starter kit at Comet.

Update: The PS50C490 TV is the same price at Richer Sounds, with no free delivery, glasses or extras as far as I can tell.

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