Do People Want 3D TV With Glasses?

It’s an interesting question… do people want to watch 3D TV wearing obligatory 3D glasses?

Obviously, people would prefer to have a 3D TV set without glasses, then everyone could share the experience, whether they remembered their special glasses or not. With Philips leading the way on autostereoscopic displays (the fancy way of saying “no glasses required”), could they have tapped into the fact that people will resist buying 3DTV’s that require special glasses?

It seems like Philips had a TV on display at CES 2010 showcasing their “no glasses required” 3DTV’s, and Samsung also had one on display, although it may have been a rebranded Philips. Apart from those, and one by TCL, there were no other autostereoscopic TV’s. So, are Philips being prescient, and discerning the real “next big thing”, or not? Will the people complaining of headaches when watching 3D with glasses, or those who have other eye problems, vote with their wallets and bypass the latest wave of 3D TV’s which require glasses?

My guess is that the wave of 3-D TV’s that require glasses will be a success, driven by people wanting to watch 3D movies in their own homes, but probably moreso by people wanting to play games in 3-D. Don’t forget, while blockbuster movies generate huge sales volume, so do games, with the Call Of Duty series grossing over $3 billion. Considering Sony is promoting 3D-TV’s and the Playstation 3, you can expect some 3D PS3 games, which will require the new 3D TV’s and glasses. The PS3 will also play 3D Blu-Ray discs too, after a firmware update.

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