First 3D PS3 Game Hits The UK

sony ps3 3d If you like Super Stardust HD, and have a 3DTV, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. According to posts at the AVForums, the game is already available in 3D from the Playstation Network. Here are some quotes from the forum thread by people who have experienced the game in 3D…

Well colour me corrected…

Super Stardust HD is already ‘proper’ 3D – and it looks GORGEOUS!

I start up the full game and it tells my TV (via amp) that it’s a 3D game and the TV asks me to turn my 3D glasses on (none of this pressing the 3D button).

I quite liked this game as an early PS3 release, and now it looks incredible. More just a sense of depth than anything, but some explosions really come out of the screen and feel as though the pixels are coming right for ya.

I can’t wait for the patch for Wipeout HD!!

… and…

3D works automatically as described.

And it looks err…. WOW!

… and…

Thankyou, it works and it’s superb! Definitely should make people realise 3D is here to stay,

Roll on the other updates!

… also…

I’m not a big gamer, but the 3D effect is simply stunning with all sorts of stuff flying out of the screen and hitting your between the eyes! It’s really quite brilliant.

A friend of mine who was very sceptical about the whole 3D thing came over and had a look. After he’d stopped “whooping” with excitement he stated that it was 100 x better than he imagined it would be. Praise indeed.

So, as we always predicted here at 3dtvreviewer, it could well be games that are the “killer app” forĀ 3DTV andĀ drive its adoption. Sony’s version 3.3 firmware update for the PS3 back in April laid the groundwork for 3D games which were announced for June 10th (Wipeout HD, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, Super Stardust HD and PAIN). Judging from the comments above, Super Stardust HD seems to already be available in 3D and getting rave reviews! The four games will also be available to anyone who buys a 3D Bravia TV.

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