Interesting 3DTV Quote…

Brian Lenz, from Sky, is quoted in the Telegraph as saying,

“We knew that if we could pull off live sport then we could produce anything.”

That’s a pretty interesting statement because the initial reports of 3D football were not totally convincing. People seemed to think that the close-up shots of corner kicks and penalties were great, but the usual “top down” view of the game didn’t produce much in the way of 3D benefits. I like Sky’s attitude though… if they can tackle the technological hurdles of bringing immersive 3D to live sport, they really will push the adoption of 3D in the home.

As if to agree with my summy, Brian goes on to say…

Once Sky had the equipment, they set about learning what worked. “The added value of depth is the perception of relative position. You want visually interesting things at different places in the depth of the scene,” says Lenz. “Football works very well for certain shots – it works tremendously well for corners and free kicks. The challenge in football is the wider, longer shots. Over longer distances you don’t perceive depth anyway. It doesn’t add something but it doesn’t add the same thing as certain close-ups because of the spread of players.”

It’s a good interview. Check it out here.

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