Killzone In 3D And Sony Arc Rumour

killzone 3dFrom the “unsubstantiated rumours” department, the as yet unconfirmed game, Killzone 3 by Dutch developer, Guerrilla Games (owned by Sony Computer Entertainment) is rumoured to possibly be a 3D title, (which requires a Playstation3 console firmware update scheduled for later this year and a 3D TV to benefit from the 3D experience). The gossip also says that the game could make use of the Sony Motion Device, rumoured to be called an “Arc”, which, naturally, isn’t available yet.

Did I throw enough caveats in there?

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Sony pinned some of their 3D ambitions on their exclusive Killzone series. The current game, Killzone 2, sold over a million copies worldwide, and it’s clear that 3D games will be a big driver of 3D adoption, with gamers craving greater immersion in games… more than TV-watchers want to see Anne Robinsion in 3D!

Stay tuned as these rumours evolve into fact or disappear into nothingness… by Christmas 2010.

rumour source… CVG

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