LCD Sales Slowdown?


LG Display, the second biggest LCD screen manufacturer in the world (behind Samsung) have announced via Reuters, “lower shipments and weaker screen prices after posting its first loss in seven quarters, as it battles weak demand from television makers”.

Recently, LG Display was buoyed by the return of manufacturing orders for Sony, who switched to Samsung six years ago, and the manufacturing of screens for Apple’s iPad. Only last month we were reporting on LG Display announcing the next generation of 3DTV screens, the FPR panels with the potential to get Full HD 3D TV with passive glasses. LG Display already supplies LG Electronics, Philips and Toshiba and expects the 3D TV market to grow sharply in 2011 to account for more than 10 percent of its total LCD TV shipments and aspires to control 70% of the global 3D TV (LCD) market.

LG Display reported on Friday its October-December operating loss was $344.2 million, although part of this may have been due to a multi-million dollar price-fixing penalty imposed by the EU.

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