LG 47LX9900 47″ Full HD 3D LED – Under £2k



It may be time to say farewell to the good old television set and welcome the LG Full LED 3D TV Infinia LX9900, which offers the ultimate in home entertainment, into your living room.

This appliance is a daunting device at first glance, but will easily become just about everyone’s favourite since it’s a breeze to use. You’ll instantly fall in love with this newest TV from LG once you have to opportunity to try it out. This latest addition to the LG LX9900 TV Series is perhaps the most desirable one on the market so far this year. Notwithstanding its full-array LED backlighting, the LG 47-inch LX9900 TV is the appliance equivalent of a statuesque catwalk model with its ultra-slim Infinia design appearance. With the latest Infinia design from LG, this 31mm deep television set stomps on all notions that direct LED sets have to be fatter than edge LED-lit models.

The LX9900 comes equipped with “NetCast” Entertainment Access, which brings the Internet directly to your TV. Aside from being an Internet console for your favorite online content, this LG TV model is also 3D ready. Unlike most manufacturers, you get two sets of LCD 3D glasses with the 47LX9900, which is a nice touch. A revolution in picture quality is the LG TruMotion 400Hz which is in this model, eliminating motion blur and giving you a better overall picture each time. Finally, the Freeview HD allows you to watch High Definition TV for free with no monthly fee or contract.

With the LX9900 MagicMotion Remote Control, you can now exchange the nearly microscopic buttons on the conventional remote control for intuitive motion. With a purchase of the LG LX9900, you get the ultimate in home entertainment with better picture quality, ultra slim single layer Infinia design, and a host of other impressive features in one appliance. For all the foregoing features, the price tag of £1,999.99 for the LX9900 truly represents value for money, that you can pick up online at any of a number of popular virtual stores. You can’t go wrong with this splendid appliance, the future of TV viewing. It’s time to provide yourself with a uniquely pleasurable viewing experience.

The LG 47LX9900 is available now at Comet for £1999.99 which includes free standard delivery and two pairs of 3D glasses. Click here for details.

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