LG AG-S100 Rechargeable 3D Glasses

LG-AG-S100 active shutter rechargable 3d glasses LG have announced that their rechargeable AG-S100 3D glasses are now available at shops across the UK for £99.99.

Unlike the slightly less expensive battery-powered 3D active shutter glasses, this model from LG can be recharged using a USB port. On a full recharge you’ll get 40 hours of wireless viewing from them. Of course, the LG AG-S100 work with LG’s 3DTV’s, at the moment the LX9xxx and LX6xxx models.

The AG-S100 glasses synchronise with an emitter built into the LG 3DTV so that each side of the glasses alternately darkens for a fraction of a second to give each eye a different image which, when combined by your brain, creates the 3D effect at the full High Definition of 1080p.

The current best price for the AG-S100 3D glasses, that we could find, was £99.99 per pair from the Dixons Group (PC World, Dixons, Curry’s). Click here for full details, latest pricing and availability.

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