LG Announce Infinia LX9900 LED 3DTV

LG-LX9900LG have just announced their first 3DTV to use the active shutter 3D glasses. Unlike the LG LD920 which was used for the first live 3DTV broadcast of a sporting event to a public audience by Sky’s 3D channel back at the end of January, the LX9900 will join the consensus behind the actively powered 3D glasses which are being used by Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Philips, Nvidia and pretty much everyone else who wants to put 3D hardware into your living room.

Why Active 3D Glasses?


So what happened to LG’s LD920, which used passive glasses like those you use in the cinema?

Well, thanks to Joe at the LG blog, we recently learned that the LD920 was only ever intended as a display to showcase 3D content in pubs and clubs. The reason is that the passive system has a resolution limit of 1080i (interlaced image) whereas the active shutter glasses permit the use of 1080p (progressive image) which means that each eye gets a full HD image. Sky will be broadcasting 3D at 1080i/50, so it doesn’t make any different for their content but it does make a difference for images from Blu-Ray 3D which will likely use the full 3D HD at 1080p.

For home users, LCD active shutter 3d glasses at roughly £100 per pair will be required by each person viewing the 3D content. So here’s a tip… some manufacturers are including two sets of glasses with their TV’s (eg Panasonic Viera), some are including one set (eg Sony Bravia) and some are including none (eg Samsung)… that’s equivalent to a difference in price of £200 per TV which is something to bear in mind!

Infinia LX9900 3DTV Details…

Here are the specs for the new LG LX9900…

LX9900 (47 & 55″)

Infinia Design
Ultra slim depth & narrow design
Full HD 1080p
3DTV (active)
Built in HD Freeview
TruMotion 400Hz
10,000,000:1 Dynamic contrast ratio
Picture Wizard II
Intelligent Sensor
Invisible Speaker (10w + 10w)
Clear Voice II
Eco Flower
Wireless AV link
USB 2.0 (DivX HD, MP3, Jpeg play)
Full LED with spot control to ensure a thinner, more aesthetically pleasing design

The LG Full LED Infinia LX9900 series is a whole new type of TV and provides the ultimate in home entertainment with better picture quality, ultra slim single layer Infinia design and more eco friendly features. Add access to your favourite internet content such as free Skype to Skype calling and youtube as well as being 3D Ready – the LX9 Infinia TV series from LG will take your home entertainment experience to a whole new level.

The LX9900 will be released in the UK in May.

I’m already bugging Joe for pricing details. No news yet, but stay tuned!

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