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lg-CF3DBack at the beginning of January 2010, at CES, LG announced a world’s first full HD 3D projector. This clever beast uses two projection engines working in tandem to create the 3D effect up to 1080p/60 resolution and TruMotion at 120Hz, so that each eye will receive images at 60Hz.

Quite simply, bigger is better. If you want to get as close as you can to watching Avatar in 3D at home, you’re going to want a 3D projector, right? So, the question is, we’ve reached March 2010 and I can’t find anything new about the CF3D. Has it disappeared?

Here’s what we know about it from the January press release…

Portable LED Projector Allows Consumers to Enjoy Excellent Display Quality – Anytime, Anywhere
LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2010 – LG Electronics unveiled its new versatile 2010 video projector series, including CF3D, the world’s first Full HD, 3D Single Lens Type Projector and a new compact, lightweight projector (model HX300G), at the International Consumer Electronics Show this week (Booth #8205).

“Consumers are continuously looking for creative new solutions for both entertainment and business video display needs, and LG projectors provide the versatility and portability options for multiple applications,” said Jeff Dowell, vice president, business solutions, LG Electronics USA. “Whether customers desire compactness and portability for presentation use, or theater-like performance for a home installation, LG has the right solution.”

CF3D – More Life-Like Viewing
LG’s versatile CF3D is the world’s first Full HD Single Lens Type 3D Projector featuring an amazing brightness rating of 2,500 ANSI-lumens and a high contrast ratio of 7,000:1. This model also features TruMotion 120Hz for smoother images – a technology previously only seen on flat panel HDTVs.

LG’s CF3D enhanced technology gives consumers a more life-like viewing experience. Incorporating both Dual Engine and 3D Auto Picture Calibration technology, the CF3D offers superb color correction to help ensure images are displayed naturally. HDMI upscaling on the CF3D reduces on-screen color banding, providing smoother tonal transitions and more subtle gradation between colors. Specifications include:

• 0.61-inch SXRD™
• Full HD 1080p (1920×1080)
• 3D Auto Picture Calibration
• Dual Engine
• 2 HDMI 1.3, USB Input
• ISFccc
• Real Cinema

So, two months on, it’s time to ask LG, what has happened to this projector… stay tuned.

Update: online sources say the price will be $9,999 and it’s due in May 2010. I hope to confirm pricing and release dates shortly. Unlike the active shutter 3D glasses required to watch 3DTV in the home, the LG CF3D uses passive 3D glasses, as you’d wear in the cinema or to watch the LG 920 in pubs and clubs.

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