LG First UK 3D TV – The 47 inch LD920

LG LD920 3dtv picture Perhaps surprisingly, the 3DTV which LG is using as its launch model in the UK is the 47-inch LD920, as showcased by Sky at 9 pubs in January during the 3D Arsenal v Man Utd football match.

Why surprisingly?

Well, with Sony, Samsung, Nvidia and others pushing the active-shutter glasses technology, the LG LD 920 display uses the same passive polarisation technology and glasses as you most likely used to watch Avatar in the cinema.

Avatar glasses…

RealD 3D glasses

Sky 3D glasses…

The passive 3D glasses are lighter than active shutter LCD glasses and cost a lot less, which probably made a big difference to Sky who had to hand out many pairs of glasses in the 9 pubs.

There are several stories online saying that the polarisation technology was only possible using two front projectors, like in the cinema, but, as LG have shown with the LD920, that’s not true.

As everyone watching a stereoscopic 3DTV will need special glasses, and the active shutter ones could cost as much as £100 per pair, LG could be onto a winner by promoting the much less costly passive, polarised light glasses.

All else being equal, the lightweight, low-cost polarised light solution would be a clear winner.

More info on the LG 3dTV rollout from CES 2010…

At the moment, there’s some confusion over the naming of LG’s 3DTV’s. Some write-ups from CES2010 refer to an LG LD360 while others refer to an LG LD630. But the actual 3DTV used to show the footy was the LG LD920.

UPDATE: A reply from Joe at the LG UK blog regarding the model number issue….

Thanks for your question regarding which LG 3DTV is being released in April. I have previously received confirmation that it’s the LD920. But am waiting to hear back from someone better suited to answer the question with regards to the LD360 and LD630 (though the latter sounds like it could simply be a typo). I will get back to you when I hear more.

LG LD920 Specification

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(LG LD920 image from LG’s Flickr set)

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