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Just last month we wrote about LG’s FPR 3DTV panels which were interesting because they made use of polarised light to generate a 3D effect. The advantage of polarisation is that you can wear the cheaper, lighter “passive” polarised glasses like those you’d wear to watch a 3D film in the cinema.

Not only are the glasses cheaper and lighter, but the 3D images don’t have the issues of crosstalk and ghosting which are a problem for some 3DTV’s that use the active shutter glasses. It seems that LCD/LED displays are more prone to the effect than plasma 3DTV’s.

So, having just chatted about LG’s polarised displays, guess what they’ve announced they’ll debut at CES 2011 ( Jan 6th – 9th 2011, Las Vegas)? That’s right, the LW6500 Cinema 3DTV which uses polarised light technology. Apparently the display is the first 3D TV in the world to recieve “flicker free” certification from Intertek and TUV. (source: LG press release). What they don’t mention in the press release is whether the LW6500 can do Full HD in 3D. Usually, passive displays can’t do Full HD in 3D because the screen displays images for both eyes simultaneously. Read our earlier piece on LG’s FPR passive 3D TV’s for more info on resolution.

LG LW6500 Price And Availability

So what’s the price? Well, it’s to be announced, but when you consider the fact that you won’t be paying for expensive battery-powered active-shutter glasses for the family, it could be a viable alternative to the current active shutter 3DTV’s. You could even buy additional pairs without breaking the bank and have some for friends and family! What a novel concept! Hopefully we’ll know more about the availability after the CES show later this month.

Interestingly, Sky used polarised 3DTV sets from LG when they kicked off their 3D campaign in the UK at the beginning of last year. We live blogged reaction to that back in January 2010. Doesn’t time fly? Happy New Year to all!

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