Live Twitter Tweets Of 3D Rugby England v Wales

The 6 Nations match between England and Wales at Twickenham on 6 February will be the first game in the tournament ever to be screened in 3D, to 40 cinemas across the UK (Odeon and Cineworld).

Like we covered the Arsenal v Man Utd match on Sky Sports 3D via live blogging of photos and tweets, we’re doing the same for the 3D Rugby from the BBC. How will it go? Let’s find out…

Photos via twitpic, from shalineesingh, in the Outside Broadcast truck…

In the OB truck at Twickenham for 3D rugby #3d #rugby #6nations on Twitpic

T-15mins until match start. Whoop! 3D rugby is gooo #3d #rugb... on Twitpic

timhobbs: First impressions of 3D rugby: effect impressive, sharpness very poor. Not sure how watching in a cinema will go. So far prefer HD at home

DeloreanGray: This 3d rugby stuff is very odd!

shalineesingh: 3D England v Wales 6nations rugby looking beautiful in the truck. Hope it's looking beeyootiful in cinemas too

Should you be watching the rugby in 3D while trying to work the transmission?!

DanielToole: Watching the rugby live in 3D (and twittering – how new media is that?)

5 Mins to kickoff…

davidhandford: Rugby in 3D is amazing, Fact!

ssethi: Watching Eng v Wales in 3D – first ever rugby match in the world. Very weird feeling but interesting experience.

Dontforceit: Wow. 3d rugby is the future. Well done o2, england and aislondon

This is definitely easier than the Football in 3D. Where is everyone?

O2 3D Rugby screenings have kicked off across the country. The game looks amazing in 3D

Hmmm, do I believe the sponsors? :p

Pic from a cinema by tompercival

rawedge: Watching England v Wales in 3d at the cinema it's quite impressive apart from the **** commentary

ssethi: TRY ENG! 3D TV really works really well when camera shot at ground level. #rugby #skyhd

Interesting, the footie tweets said much the same thing about the “behind the goal” and ground-level shots being the best.

davemusson: Rugby in 3d ok but major sound fail just now – white noise at cinema volume, not good!

leigh_moore: Good display by England. Welsh defence have been strong but Eng have stuck to their looks great in 3D! #3Drugby

Inch666: @danvesma Could do with a little more atmos, but that try has helped! Looks great in 3D. Come on england. Swing low, sweet chariot

ThisIsAdamJ: has thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the first ever 3D screened rugby match! England for the win!!!

jamessheffield: Watching England v Wales in the 6 nations at the cinema in 3D. 3D experience is good but the atmosphere in the audience is amazing.

Boo2AGoose: From a technical pov, theres a lot going on at this rugby match today. Now i know why sky were so keen to get a 3d show last week

Wales score and convert… 20/17 to England.

England score and convert. 27/17 to England.

nickparmenter: watching the rugby in 3d, keep expecting to have my eyes gouged in the scrum

England penalty. 30/17

Final score. 30/17 to England.


How 3D rugby is filmed. Video from BBC.

Techradar’s info on how 3D Rugby is done.

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