New British Blog Shakes Up 3D Scene With Live Events And Exclusive Customer Info

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Feb 12, 2010 – Since its launch last month, the newest blog to hit the British 3D technology scene has made a big impact with live blogging events and a consumer news exclusive.

In its first month, received nearly 1,500 unique visitors due to a number of special live events relating to 3D technology in the UK. Guy Pears, blog contributor, said, “It’s an incredible achievement for a brand new blog to generate such a large number of visitors in its first month. The level of interest indicates that the UK market is hungry for the new 3D technology and wants to see it in their homes”.

On 31st January, did a “live blogging update” of how people in pubs were reacting to the Sky transmission of Arsenal v Manchester United in 3D. On that Sunday and the following Monday, there were almost 500 unique visits to the blog.

On February 6th, the live blogging was repeated for the England v Wales Six Nations rugby match in 3D where Twitter comments about people’s impressions were updated live on a blog post. is also trying to help consumers navigate the jargon around consumer electronics with a helpful Glossary and a Frequently Asked Questions page. Guy Pears said, “A lot of people are unsure which type of 3DTV they’ll need, and which 3D glasses will be required. We try to cut through the jargon and offer clear information and advice.”

As an example of helping the consumer, contacted LG to get clarification on which model would be their first 3DTV set to launch in the UK. In January, LG showcased the LD360 at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, and it was reported that the LD360 would be the first to be released in the UK market. However, in February the LD920 model was used in pubs during the Arsenal v Manchester United match and this model was mentioned as LG’s first 3DTV to be offered to the UK market. got email clarification from Joe Orton of the LG UK Blog, who said that the model number was changed, “from the LD360 to the LD920 due to putting in a 200Hz processor instead of 100Hz”. Joe also said that the model number LD630, mentioned online by some large technology websites, was most likely “a typo”. So, for the first time, can categorically state that the first LG 3DTV available in the UK will be the LD920, as used by Sky during the Arsenal v Manchester United football match. It’s understood that the LD920 will be released in April 2010.
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