Panasonic 3DTV microsite

Panasonic have put together a 3DTV microsite with the latest news and info about their 3DTV products, including where to see 3DTV in action on their 3dTV trucks which are touring the USA. No word on when they’ll reach the UK. :)

Panasonic are focusing on “full HD 3D TV”, using 3D-ready Blu-Ray players sending the HD 3D signal across a HDMI cable to a 3D-ready HD TV. With the number of movies being released in 3D format growing, and the Blu Ray Disc Association¬†announcing a standard for full HD (1090 24p x2) 3D, with one disk for both 3D and 2D playback, the future looks bright for the manufacture and sale of 3D TV’s.

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