Panasonic And Avatar 3D Deal Runs Until 2012



Remember the Avatar 3D tie-in Panasonic secured with 20th Century Fox for the exclusive global distribution of Avatar 3D Blu Ray discs only with Panasonic 3DTV’s?

Were you wondering how long that exclusive deal lasted?

Yeah, me too. I guessed it’d be over by January 2011.

I was wrong. According to Steve May at AVZombie, Panasonic have secure the exclusive rights to bundle Avatar 3D with their hardware until February 2012!

Sheesh. That’s a long tie-in. It may be easy money for Fox, and it may be a way to shift units for Panasonic, but at the expense of the growth of the whole 3D market. For every Panasonic buyer, how many other people will just sit on their hands because they’d rather not get a 3DTV if they can’t watch Avatar?

Apparently you can pick up the rare-as-hens-teeth Avatar 3D Blu Ray disc on Ebay for about a hundred pounds, which only goes to show… the demand is there!

Panasonic TX-P42GT20B 3DTV

Panasonic TX-P42GT20B 3DTV

So, if you’re desperate for Avatar in 3D, now may be the time to grab a Panasonic before the VAT hike in January. Comet have the Panasonic TX-P42GT20B 42″ 3D PLASMA TV for just £1069 with 4 free Blu ray discs… Avatar 3D, Ice Age 3, Coraline and Paul Carrack 3D.

Call it an early Christmas gift to yourself… and, err, we’re happy to accept one as a donation to the blog too!

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