Passive 3D Computer Monitors From LG


Cinema 3D Monitors From LG

Continuing their roll out of “FPR” (Film Patterned Retarder) technology, LG have announced the release of two “Cinema 3D” computer monitors – the D41P and D42P.

You’ll get the wonder of 3D without the expense of active-powered 3D glasses because the “Cinema 3D” concept uses LG’s take on passive 3D displays… whether it’s their 3D TV’s or these new computer monitors.

Given that we’ve discussed “passive versus active” a few times in the past with respect to 3DTV, let’s look at something else these computer monitors can do. Although, it’s perhaps worth noting that computer monitors may be more suited to passive displays because you use them from a fixed angle and distance compared to watching your TV.

LG claims that the D41P and D42P can do “2D to 3D upscaling” to convert regular content to 3D. OK, so we reported on “2D to 3D upscaling” back in January 2010, and it hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, so what will it bring to your computer? Spreadsheets in 3D? Websites in 3D? What about native 2D games… will they burst into 3D glory? I would assume that until developers take account of people potentially viewing their applications using 3D monitors, upscaling isn’t going to work well.

We’ll find out in June 2011, when the D41P and D42P go on sale in the UK!

Are you interested in using a 3D computer monitor? How do you think it’ll compare to Nvidia’s 3D vision which uses active glasses? Leave a comment below… comments will be open for a few days…

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  1. Name? says:

    Will be interesting to see the out come of these new 3D monitors compared to that of the Nvidia 3D monitors which are truly a great 3D experience for online gaming and watching movies.

    I wonder just how 3D the LG monitors will be if they dont require 3D equipment, I mean I just dont see how you can get a 3D monitor with out the equipment and glasses to make it viewable in 3D?!

    I will defo be back here in June to see your review on the out come, so I hope you get your hands on one of these asap to give us the low down before I decide to go out and buy one to have a play for myself lol

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