Samsung 40C7000 3DTV

UPDATE: The Samsung 40C7000 is now available to order at John Lewis as the Samsung UE40C7000 3DTV.

samsung40C7000SamSung 40C7000 3DTV

The lucky guys over at Techradar managed to get their hands on Samsung’s 40-inch 40C7000 LED edge-backlit LCD 3DTV, but were they impressed? Interestingly, after a bit of chat about 3D in the cinema and whether or not it will be adopted in the home, the first negative point they raise is the price of the glasses. Now, the glasses are only expensive for active-shutter LCD models, which require power, hence batteries. You’ll pay about £100 per pair for these glasses (SSG2100AB), which is a pretty penny for a family of four. If you want the rechargable glasses, you’ll pay even more!

I was quite surprised that LG showcase 3D on their LD920, which is a passive display requiring cheap passive glasses like you wear in the cinema. However, LG have confirmed that the passive display model will not be sold to the general public, only to pubs and clubs. The reason they gave is that passive displays are limited to half the resolution of active displays. So, like Sony, Samsung and Panasonic, LG are producing displays which require active shutter glasses. It seems that expensive active shutter glasses will be the ONLY way to watch 3DTV in the home.

So, how does Samsung’s 3DTV rate? Does it have the WOW factor?

Well, when they paired the 40C7000 (£1,800.00) with the Blu-Ray 3D player (BD-C6900, about £300) and a pre-production Blu-Ray 3D disc of Monsters Vs. Aliens (these discs could cost £50 each!), the review wasn’t exactly glowing. When you write a review saying, “Ultimately, we believe that the 3D functions will work better with a larger set. If you are keen on 3D, a larger set may be desirable“, then the answer is “no”. Further evidence comes from the quote, “If it’s in your price-bracket, even if the 3D glasses end up gathering dust on a shelf, we don’t reckon you’ll be sorry you bought this Samsung.” Ouch. That’s not exactly a WOW factor, is it?

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