Samsung Leads The Way In 3DTV Sales

Samsung have announced that they had more than 60% of the European 3DTV market in 2010. No only that, they also had about half of the 3DTV market in the USA. Not content to sit on their laurels, Samsung are rolling out a new service for their Smart 3D TV’s called “Explore 3D” which is an app that allows owners of their 3D TV’s to¬†access dozens of free 3D clips and movies in streaming high definition. The clips will include “trailers, music videos and full feature documentaries”. The initial launch will include 10 IMAX theatre movies which were previously only available for via BluRay.

Is this great news for Samsung 3DTV owners and another reason to choose Samsung when buying a 3DTV, or a tacit admission that there’s still very little 3D content available for those with shiny new “3D Ready” television sets?

It’s interesting that Samsung feel the need to take a swipe at passive 3DTV’s further into their press release when they mention a new “3D entertainment pack” and say that it “comfortable active glasses will provide, unlike other approaches, a Full HD 3D image and 3D from almost any position in the living room”… hmm, in contrast to what other approaches… LG’s passive 3DTV’s perhaps? Ouch.

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