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telegraphtv Over at the Telegraph they have reviewed one of the first 3DTV’s to hit the UK, the Samsung UE467000, like the guys at Techradar reviewed the Samsung 40c7000 3DTV a few weeks ago.

Interestingly, the main criticism by the Techradar guys was that the TV was too small to do justice to the 3D effects and that’s exactly what Claire Beaumont and Harry Wallop said in the Telegraph review, despite watching a Blu-Ray 3D disc (using the Samsung BD C6900 Blu Ray 3D player) on a 46-inch UE46c7000 instead of the 40-inch 40c7000 that Techradar reviewed. In fact, Claire went as far as to say that the 3D effect disappeared when she was sat on the sofa… which is a fairly typical viewing position for most families in most living rooms!

samsung 46c7000 3dtv

Both Claire and Harry noticed flicker effects from the active shutter LCD glasses (Samsung SSG 2100RB), although it seems that this may only occur for a few seconds while they “warm up”. However, the glasses shut off when you’re not wearing them, which means that you’ll see the flicker effect each time you put the glasses back on after putting them down to do something else. One commenter said that this flicker effect may be due to the room lighting and a simple cure would be to turn the room lighting off. Either way, it seems like watching 3D will be more of an “event” which requires forethought such as not being disturbed and switching the lights off… a bit like watching a special TV event at home is already.

Overall both Harry and Claire said they liked the potential but were slightly disappointed by the execution. They only gave the TV 6/10 and 7/10 and expected the technology to be refined further.

My take on this is that 3DTV will be an “optional extra” with fairly slow acceptance until more content becomes available and the technology is improved. However, seeing that both Techradar and the Telegraph reviewers said that the Samsung’s were top-notch 1080p LED TV’s in their own right, there’s little reason NOT to upgrade to a 3DTV when you want to replace your current TV.

Read the Telegraph 3DTV review here.

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