Sharp’s 3D TV’s

LG-BX580What’s Sharp been doing while Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic fall over themselves to launch a panoply of 3DTV’s, 3D glasses and Blu Ray 3D players?

It’s all been very quiet for Sharp, the Japanese LCD TV maker. They’ve had tie-ins with Sony (making Bravia TV’s) and Toshiba (buying Tosh’s chips and selling them large LCD TVs), but a Sharp-branded 3DTV has been noticeably absent. Sharp were more interested in driving down power consumption, weight and thickness of their TV’s, and increasing the resolution, colour quality and lifespan.

Sharp’s New Quattron Technology

It seems that Sharp have managed to add a fourth colour pixel, yellow, to the traditional red, green and blue ones used to create the colour spectrum. The quad-pixel technology is called Quattron and adds a yellow “sub-pixel” to the three other sub-pixels. They reduced the size of the other pixels by 25% to allow the introduction of the yellow sub-pixel which gives a better spectrum of colours… from “billions” of combinations, to “trillions”. At the same time, the “jaggedness” of the picture is reduced because the sub-pixels are smaller.

Pretty cool.

You can expect Sharp to launch new TV’s featuring the Quattron technology, along with 3D capabilities, under their Aquos label in the second half of 2010.

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