Sky Consulted With Cameron About 3DTV

According to a Sky News report, Sky consulted with James Cameron, director of Avatar, about the launch of their 3D TV channel here in the UK.

Representatives from Sky recently travelled to America to consult with James Cameron about creating viable viewing experiences in 3D, it has emerged.

According to a report on Sky News, the broadcaster sought to learn from the 3D experience of Cameron, whose blockbuster Avatar recently became the highest-
grossing film release of all time.

“James is a massive evangelist about 3D and he lives, breathes and eats 3D and just wants to see good 3D out there,” revealed Sky Sports director of operations Darren Long.

“For him, it was about how we were going to do it, what equipment we were going to use, what were our filming techniques. He’s all about, ‘Get the message out there, get it out well and to the people properly’.”

(image, wikimedia)

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