Sky Sports In 3D Coming Soon?

In a recent interview, Darren Long, Sky Sports director of operations said,

We’ve spent over 18 months recording 3D content, and sport works very well. It’s been amazing showing people 3D footage as we tested, and seeing the amazed expression on even the most cynical person’s face. We now believe the time is right for this technology to move into the living room.”

Of course, you’ll need a new 3DTV to watch the 3D content, and 3D glasses will also be required to watch the stereoscopic picture.

Apparently, Sky conducted their biggest 3D test so far when Arsenal played Bolton Wanderers at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium on 20th Jan 2010. It has also recorded 3D versions of Champions League games as well as golf, boxing, tennis, cricket and rugby.

With O2 planning to show England’s home rugby games in 3D at cinemas across the country, it seems that sport is taking the lead in generating 3D content.

Of course, it’s not only sport… there’s the 3D version of the Playstation coming soon from Sony (as a firmware update to existing PS3’s) and 3D Blu-Ray disks on the way too.

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