Sony 3D Rollout

sony 3d With the recent Playstation 3 firmware update to play 3D games, Sony took 3D games into people’s living rooms for the first time . Previously only high-end computers using Nvidia’s 3D Vision system could play games in 3D, but now 3D games are available to people with an upgraded PS3 and a 3DTV.

The first set of games, Wipeout, SuperStardust, PAIN and a demo of MotorStorm Pacific Rift is available for £23.99 from the PlayStation Store or as a bonus with purchase of a Sony Bravia 3D TV package. If you already have the games, you get the 3D upgrade for free.

3D Blu Ray Discs

In the coming months, Sony will release another firmware update for the PS3 to enable it to play 3D Blu-Rays such as “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs” which is the first standalone 3D Blu Ray disc, available from June 14th (to be followed by “Open Season” and “Monster House”).

Bravia 3DTV’s

The first Bravia 3DTV, the 40-inch KDL-HX803 arrives on June 12th with other models following later.

3D Blu-Ray Players

There are also non-PS3 Blu-Ray players such as the BDP-S470 which gets a firmware update on June 12th and the BDP-S570 which goes on sale at the same time and will be 3D-ready when releases.

New PS3 Pricing?

Sony also caused a stir when the PS3 was recently priced in it’s USA online store “from $199.99”, which seems to have been a mistake, but could also have possibly been an insight into an upcoming pricing change… perhaps when bundled with a 3DTV. What that means for the UK, where a PS3 currently sells for about three hundred quid (unless on special offer) is anyone’s guess.

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