Sony BDP-S470 Blu-Ray 3D Player Review

I thought this was kind of interesting… an amateur review of the Sony BDP-S470. The guy doesn’t have a 3DTV (yet), the BDP-S470 requires a firmware update to play 3D content and there’s no 3D content anyway, so he only goes through other aspects of what you get with this first generation Blu Ray 3D player.

He seems impressed at the amount of content available through Video on Demand via the Internet connection, and the speed with which the content was accessible. Speaking of speed, he mentions that the load time for a Blu Ray disc was about 15 seconds compared to about 5 minutes for his old Blu Ray player and just over 1 minute for his PS3 slim, which is a big improvement. He also shows how the iphone tv remote app can control the Blu Ray player. In part two he shows the use of Netflix to watch streaming HD on the TV using his 8-10Mb Internet connection. If you have a slower connection, streaming HD may not be possible.

Part One: (Caution: language used may not suit everyone)

Part Two:

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