Sony Bravia KDL-60LX903 3DTV Price Revealed

KDL60LX903 Just after we said that 3DTV pricing was becoming clearer, Sony have released details of their 3DTV models for the UK, including some prices and release dates.

Top of the range is the KDL-60LX903, pictured, which is from the flagship Signature range. The 60LX903 is a Full HD 1080 LCD TV with integrated 3D, Wi-Fi access to online content, Motionflow 200Hz PRO (the same refresh rate as the 47-inch LG920, LG’s first 3DTV set for the UK market), Image Blur Reduction, Edge LED lighting & Monolithic Design.

The 60-inch LX903 will cost £3,500, and it’s smaller brother, the 40-inch will cost £2,000. Both will be released in June. The sets come with a built-in transmitted for the LCD active shutter glasses, one set of which comes with the TV…
sony active shutter

Dropping down to the Bravia Cinematic range, the HX903 (40-inch [£tba] and 46-inch [£tba]) and HX803 (40-inch, [£1,400] and 46-inch [£tba]) are “3D Ready”, meaning the refresh rate is high enough to handle 3D content, but you’ll need to buy the transmitter and LCD shutter glasses separately. These TV sets are due in June.

The Bravia Presence range has a KDL-NX803 with 200Hz refresh rate, but the KDL-NX703 has only 100Hz and wouldn’t be recommended as a 3DTV set. Models from the Presence range will be released in March/April.

We don’t think any other models have 200Hz refresh rates, so wouldn’t recommended them for 3D viewing.

Check out our 3DTV FAQ for why a refresh rate of 120Hz or more is preferred for 3DTV’s.

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