What’s The Cheapest UK 3D Blu Ray Player?

Samsung BD-C5900

Samsung BD-C5900

OK, right up front I’m going to say that I don’t know the cheapest price for a 3D Blu Ray player in the UK. My guess is that you’ll struggle to find one under a hundred pounds.

Which is why my jaw hit the floor when I saw a report of Fry’s in the USA selling the Samsung BD-C5900 3D Blu Ray player for just $79.99. Could someone let them know that using the current GBP/USD exchange rate, that’s about £48.50 and it’ll make all Brits supremely jealous! According to Google’s shopping gizmo, at Amazon.co.uk the price of that model is £147.99, slightly more than triple the Fry’s offer, and Comet and John Lewis are asking £179! Ouch!

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