What’s The Deal With 3D Glasses?


OK, I don’t get this. Can someone explain to me why each 3DTV manufacturer’s 3D glasses are incompatible with each other, apart from the obvious profit motive?

Let’s say you buy a 3DTV from Sony, with Sony’s 3D glasses. If your mate invites you to watch the 3D footie on his Samsung 3DTV, you can’t use your Sony 3D specs. The same goes, as far as I know, for Panasonic, Nvidia, LG and everyone else.

Now, here’s the thing… the same 3D signal is being displayed on each 3DTV, right? It doesn’t matter if it’s Sky’s 3D channel, a Blu Ray 3D, a PS3 game in 3D or anything else… each 3DTV will be able to display it. So the shenanigans happens when the TV sends the signal to the glasses, right? So have the manufacturers deliberately engineered their glasses to be incompatible with other sets?

So, here’s my question… will someone be able to create a “universal” pair of 3D glasses, like a “universal” remote control? Is anyone talking about this yet? If so, let me know. It’s going to be a huge market!

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