Why The 3D Hate?

I was reading this post at Digital Trends, and I really fail to see why so many people are “hating” the idea of 3DTV or being super sceptical about it.

I’m not sure about the capacity of Blu-Ray, but my guess is that most 3D movies that come into people’s homes will have the 2D version on the same disc. When you consider that, along with the fact that 3-D TV’s can show 2D broadcasts perfectly well, then it seems there’s little reason to be sceptical about 3D because you’re not being forced to watch it or buy it. I would imagine that most people who are happy with their current TV sets won’t upgrade for the “novelty” of 3D, but some people will. As and when people choose to replace their current TV sets, I would imagine that the extra couple of hundred dollars/pounds for a 3D set versus the 2D equivalent will see them buying the upgrade for the opportunity to watch 3D movies or special shows such as documentaries, concerts and maybe sporting events.

Yes, there may never come a time when you’ll want to watch a sitcom in 3D, but I don’t think anyone will ever be forced to, either.

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